Playground slides

Physical activity is an important aspect in children's lives because they learn to cooperate with others and develop movement coordination. A slide has always been popular with kids element on the playground. It brings children a lot of joy and happiness.

Slide Types

Slides , swings and sandbags are essential equipment for a playground. The market offers various models of slides: metal, wooden or plastic. There are models which are suitable for small playgrounds since they make the most of space, combining several products in one. Before purchasing a slide, consider the issue of safety. Each model should be equipped with sideboards and be manufactured according to all safety standards.

Slides vary in height, length, materials, target audience. The slide can be made of plastic or metal. There are outstanding plastic slides that are designed for younger children. They are characterized by a variety of forms, also it such type has wide entrance stairs to reduce the risk of children’s falling. The most popular are metal slides that are made of metal sheets. The main advantage of these products is durability and resistance to vandalism. The wooden slide is more aesthetically pleasing, making it a great addition to the playground. Such structure is usually a component of the playset and includes a slide, a wooden platform, an entrance staircase and a sandbox that is placed on the platform. Children slide can be installed not only on the playground. Such slides are also popular in the gardens of private buildings.

How to choose a slide?

When choosing a slide, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Robust structure. Children are used to climb up and down the equipment very quickly, so the slide should be strong and firmly attached to the ground not to fall over during play;
  • The height of the boards and the reliability of the handrails to hold;
  • Smooth slip and no sharp edges to prevent injury to the child;
  • Additional equipment, such as: sandpit, swing and other equipment;

The InterAtletika Slides

All our products are made of environmentally-friendly, certified and made of high-quality materials. The InterAtletika slides outstand with their shapes and design, which attracts attention and ensures a great and safe play. Slides are easy to install, which makes it easy to transport.