Świąteczne wakacje sklepu od 20.12. do 10.01.2022. Wesołych świąt.

Świąteczne wakacje sklepu od 20.12. do 10.01.2022. Wesołych świąt.

Park and street furniture

Park and street furniture

Park and street furniture - a unique style of the city

The modern world is a world of high technology and innovations. That is why every year more and more significant in our life is becoming the quality of recreation areas. As a result, the importance of park zones is increasing, places where you can spend time with your family or enjoy the possibility of sitting in silence. Such attributes as arches, benches, fencing and even trash bins make an esthetic effect of the area. Moreover, they perform a functional role and make it comfortable for citizens to stay in parks, playgrounds, sports grounds etc.

Small garden architectural forms such as entrance arches, for example, give the unique character of any landscape and create an ideal atmosphere for relaxation. Similar elements of small architecture fit perfectly to decorate urban space. Bright colour and original design - that what catches attention, creates a special atmosphere and encourages you to return to one place or another.

Urban furniture, is generally what gives the streets, boulevards and parks uniqueness, which makes the citizens to be proud of their place of residence, and to improve the image of the city that would leave only the positive emotions in the mind of a traveller.

Urban small architectural forms, ranging from benches to fencing, are what always catches attention, encourages people to spend time together, and creates the conditions necessary for a pleasant vacation, relationship, and for someone's productive work.

We offer you a wide range of park and street furniture of high quality at reasonable price.

Interatletika has achieved a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of park and street furniture of all kinds. Each individual small architectural object is the result of long-term and persistent work of the company's engineers. The fine parts of the construction have been developed by the leading designers and resulted in high-quality products

High-quality materials are used to produce the products that meet ecological safety requirements, although the price of the InterAtletika park and street furniture is not so high, which in turn is an ideal balance of price and quality.

One of the main values ​​of our company is constant improvement, which is why we are working on expanding the range of goods. At the moment, Interatletika is able to offer urban furniture for a variety of purposes at exceptionally pleasing prices. The unique arches provide not only an effective space division but also aesthetic beauty for any park, garden or boulevard, giving them a unique style.

In the interest of preserving the natural environment, the company offers a large selection of trash bins, since they directly influence the tidiness of the urban area. The design of this category is designed in such a way that, in addition to their simple purpose, they fulfil an aesthetic function, complementing the overall impression, but not attracting too much attention.

Interatletika's advantage is the wide range of street benches, thus you can choose an option suitable for all types of recreational areas. Together with the classic models of different designs, the model range of the company can boast a large selection of benches designed to be placed in playground territory. Each of these models has an original design that is developed to take into account all the needs and interests of today's children in such a way that playgrounds with Interatletics productions will be popular with kids.

Park and street furniture of Interatletika will become a beautiful complement to any city, either Lublin or Warsaw, Gdańsk or Wrocław, Krakow or any other city of Poland.