BT series

BT series

BT Series

Since 2001 a wide range of BT strength equipment is available on the market. Strength exercise machines of this type main features are a weight stack in a cover that ensures quiet operation of the device and affordable price. The upholstery of backrests and seats is a double-layer polyurethane foam. In order to meet the needs of customers, we offer a wide range of structure`s colors and upholstery elements.

Steel profiles available in the following colors: white, metallic, black, yellow. The upholstery is made of eco leather and available in the following colors: dark gray, light gray, dark navy blue, light navy blue, brown, black, green, red. A wide range of colorful solutions makes the BT series machines match the color of any room.

The main advantage of the devices is a minimalist design, thanks to which every square meter of the gym will be effectively used. Powder coating protects the metal against corrosion and provides bright colorful finish. A strong metal structure with dimensions of 60x60x2.5 mm guarantees reliable operation during intensive training. The wall thickness of the stack housing is 2mm. A high quality steel base with a diameter of 4.8 mm in a nylon housing manufactured in the USA consists of 7 strands. The stack contains a different number of bars weighing 5 kg depending on the model. The bar is made of steel and has dimensions of 344х100х20 mm. Thanks to the magnetic pin, the load can be changed quickly.