Energy boost, adrenaline, new feelings, positive emotions, addictive fun - that's why kids like jumping on a trampoline. Such activity is a holiday, both for children and adults.

Imagine your kid jumping, doing flip-flops and feels himself a real champion of Olympic Games. And who knows, maybe in the future he will! All this is possible with a trampoline which is suitable for outside and inside areas. It is not only fun but also great for health.

This is a great alternative to the computer games or television, which is the most popular entertainment nowadays.

The children's trampoline will be the highlight of any holiday program and will delight all guests with its unusual and active fun idea.

How to choose a trampoline

One of the most important features you should pay attention to is size. Do not buy a too small trampoline. First, the big size will protect the toddler from injury, in case of a bad jump. The size of a trampoline should be no less than 2.5 m in diameter. Then parents will no longer worry so much about their kid’s safety.

For older children, the trampoline with a net will be the best solution. Manufacturing of such structures requires special attention - it should be made of only high-quality materials with solid seams and, what is more important, it should be safe. If the fabric is used, it should be made of high-quality propylene.

We manufacture the best playground equipment for children

The price of our trampoline will surprise you in a good way. We respect caring parents, which is why we put a lot of efforts to constantly provide you with new, unique ideas for your children’s leisure time.