Punching bag holders

Punching bag holders

Punching bag holder

The range of our online store includes various accessories for strength training, punch bags deserve particular attention. The punching bags introduced in our range differ in terms of shape and function. Depending on the type of mounting, the following types of holders can be distinguished:

Ceiling fixation with a capacity of 200 kg is capable of a small punching bag. It is suitable for home use, because it allows you to put the bag at any distance from the wall. Ceiling fixation of a boxing bag is the best spatial solution, which creates the atmosphere of the gym at home. But in the case of a wooden or hung ceiling or if the bag is heavy, do not use the ceiling mounting.

Wall fixation is more reliable and can withstand a greater load in comparison with the ceiling mounting. But this type of fixation has a significant disadvantage - the bag's rotation angle is smaller. The steel structure reduces the amplitude, while the right length of the bar prevents the bag from bumping against the wall during intense training.

If these two attachment options are not suitable for you, there is also punching bag rack option. This solution does not require drilling of a wall or ceiling.