Exercise benches

Exercise benches

Exercise bench is a basic strength training equipment

Exercise benches are called for a reason one of the most versatile and at the same time compact tools for strength training. Despite its simple structure, this equipment provides the widest range of applications.

For example, such benches are mostly suitable for chest, abdominal and even, sometimes, back and spine muscles. The greatest advantage of this type of equipment, however, is versatility. It can be used in the gym as well as at home without losing its efficiency. The small weight, stability and durability make exercise benches mobile and iperfect for home use.

In addition, such sports equipment virtually do not have any limitations related to the age and sex of the user. Thus, it’s even more versatile. With this device you can not only perform the most effective abdominal exercises, but also work with the barbell and dumbbells.

The exercise bench can replace visiting gym, because the equipment gives you the opportunity to train different muscle groups.

Guaranteed quality

If we are talking about requirements for exercise benches, the main selection criteria are the reliability and stability of the equipment. To achieve these parameters, only high quality materials that are currently used in the production of Inter Atletika equipment should be used.

Absolutely all products presented on the website are certified and are made in accordance with European safety and quality standards. For the sake of the client, Inter Atletika offers a large selection of the best equipment on the market, and the most favorable purchase conditions: attractive prices for exercise benches, special offers, and of course a quality guarantee.

Wide range

On our website you can find the best models of fitness equipment that has been tested by specialists and has earned the trust and respect of common users.We offer the following models of exercise benches: angular benches, which in addition to everything, give the opportunity to do exercises on the chest muscles; horizontal benches, which are most suitable for performing conventional barbell bench press.

In addition to the classic models of benches, there are also models for leg exercises, with the help of which it is possible to do exercises also for muscles such as the upper and lower body. In this case, the level of resistance and its format are selected by changing the angle of the backrest, and thus by changing the position of the body of the user.

The leg bench is not only for exercising leg muscles. This option is a nice addition to basic options.

All products presented on our website are adapted to the needs of our clients. Changing the angle of the backrest of the bench gives the possibility to adjust the level of loads.

Street furniture delivery

Inter Atletika is constantly expanding the boundaries, increasing the quality of production and customer service. Regardless of the fact that the company's headquarters is located in Warsaw, delivery of the equipment to the desired address is performed in shortest deadlines. Wherever you are, your order will be delivered on the best and shortest terms.