Professional strenght equipment

Professional strenght equipment

Сhoosing the right equipment

Having an athletic body is a dream of many men and women. Making this dream come true requires great effort and motivation. Effective training with our sports equipment can help you in achieving this goal.

Let's look closer at two types of trainers that are holding a leading position in the fitness equipment market. There are following types of products in the category:

    cardio equipment - increases endurance, strength equipment - increases strength.

In fact, any training on the machine is aimed at the development of strength and endurance, but to a different extent. If you have decided to purchase such equipment, you must first determine the purpose of use. If you want to lose weight, increase your lungs, strengthen your calf muscles you should choose cardio equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers etc. If you would like to build muscles, you should give a try to strength equipment, such as barbells, dumbbells, and exercise machines.

Then you need to set a budget because the equipment groups vary in price and use. Some of the exercisers are supplied with additional equipment such as dumbbells,

Cardio exercise machines

Treadmill is ideal for exercise to burn extra weight. Exercises such as running or walking increase the speed of metabolism, which results in getting rid of unnecessary pounds. Thus, a treadmill is an essential tool for working on the athletic body.

Regular training on a exercise bike promotes muscle mass gain, strengthens the circulatory and respiratory system, helps to get rid of excess weight.

Elliptical trainer . This product is highly recommended for those who want to get firm buttocks, slim thighs and calves. The elliptical trainer combines the advantages of other training equipment, which in turn allows you to effectively train your chest and back, thighs and buttocks, hands and legs.

Steppers. Make a step to a perfect body! Stepper exercises imitate movements of climbing stairs. The effect of training is more firm and elastic body, especially the buttocks and thighs areas.

Strength training equipment

Equipment of this type can be divided into the following groups:

  • exercise with your own weight;
  • free weight training
  • load plates exercises.

The first group is suitable for training the muscles of the abdomen and back. The load is changed by adjusting the angle of inclination or by additional weight (eg. dumbbell).

Weight-plate exercise machines allow you to do exercises with special discs. This group includes machines that can be equipped with different weights (dumbbells, steel discs)

As a result of exercise with the equipment, the following positive effects may occur:

  • increase muscle strength;
  • weight control;
  • bone strengthening;
    • We recommend you to make a health check before purchasing health equipment and learn if you haven't any contraindications to exercise. We wish you health and great results!