Calisthenics Workout equipment

Calisthenics Workout equipment

Street workout equipment for outdoor exercises

Street Workout - is not just a type of exercise equipment but also a popular sport that is gaining popularity with the youth. Street Workout is primarily aimed at self-weight exercises that take place in the open air. These exercises involve almost all muscles, which is a great alternative to the gym. The diversity of training techniques, increased athletic results due to an oxygenation of the body, harmonious muscle development and all for free - these are the main benefits of the Street Workout training.

What do we offer?

InterAtletika offers a wide selection of Calisthenics equipment:

  • sports sets;
  • gymnastic parallel bars;
  • multi-level pull-up bars;
  • monkey bars;
  • abdominal exercise benches;
  • benches for back muscles;
  • wall bars;
  • gymnastic rings.

Each of these products allows you to train individual muscle groups. Exercises on parallel bars can replace the type of exercises with a barbell. The chest, shoulder and triceps exercises are also possible. The equipment is universal for both adults and children. It is suitable for maintaining and developing physical fitness with bringing basic muscle group into action. Gymnastic rings - it is a wonderful product for training the muscles of the upper body and abdomen. Doing static or dynamic exercises on the equipment, you develop the locomotor system. The street workout has all the essential elements for effective workouts that will help you succeed in the sports. These exercisers allow you to perform both strength training and exercise to maintain overall fitness.

InterAtletika street workout products

We are a manufacturer of sports equipment that meets all European safety requirements and is monitored for quality at every stage of production. We make the necessary tests for the durability of the materials used. A large selection of callisthenics equipment, functionality, material safety and reliability - these are the main strengths of our company. We do not use intermediary services, we are a manufacturer. That's why we set the price for our street workout ourselves. You will find a wide selection of equipment for different muscles, which is suitable for people of all ages. We deliver our equipment to Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Lublin and many other cities in Poland.