Sandboxes, shelters and shades

Sandboxes, shelters and shades

A sandbox - is an essential element of any playground!

A sandbox is one of the most popular toys on the playground. Not only children but also parents can participate in the play and together build castles and fortresses of sand. In addition, play in the sand develops visual-motor coordination, teaches the child to interact with other children. Building and drawing on the sand is a great way to develop the creativity and imagination. Sandboxes are usually made of plastic or waterproof plywood. In addition to the standard models, there are also sandboxes with a rooftop of different shapes.

How to choose a sandbox

First, pay attention to the size of the structure. The bigger the sandbox, the more children can use it. In turn, a large sandpit is more expensive to maintain due to the amount of sand that sometimes needs to be replaced.

The material of the sandbox should be paid a special attention to. There are plastic, wooden and metal sandboxes.Taking into account ecological properties, strength and price, wood will be the best choice. At the same time, metal sandboxes are resistant to all weather conditions. The only and main disadvantage of such models is heating up from the sun, while wooden sandboxes don't have it.

Types of sandboxes

We offer a wide selection of sandboxes, so you can choose a perfect match for your preferences and needs. You can purchase simple ones as well as more complex - in the form of a castle, a cottage or a ship. There are different variants of construction, supplied with other elements. Sandboxes with the seat or other accessories are also noteworthy because the toddler can have a rest if he is tired playing and sitting in one position.

The best solution can be a mini-complex with a slide, shade structure and other extras. They are bright and colourful, thus attracting children to play. The price of such sandbox is a bit higher, but it is worth it.

InterAtletika Sandboxes

We do strongly believe that play structures for children should be not only interesting but also safe. Thuswise all our equipment is manufactured only from quality and ecological materials that will not harm the health of a child. The paint coating is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and weather resistant.Our equipment has been certified and meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

Structures are easy to install, are easy to transport. The variety of sandbox forms will bring great joy and delight not only to the toddler but to you as well. The price range of our children's sandboxes will be pleasantly surprised you and will please parents.