Functional training stations

Functional training stations

Functional training as a modern trend

Functional training used to be the domain of experienced athletes, but today this type of training is becoming more and more popular. There are special zones in modern gyms, equipped for functional training. The reason for such demand is its holistic effect on several muscle groups. Special emphasis is put on muscle groups that cannot be targeted with standard training.

This is one of the best ways to develop strength, endurance, motor coordination and flexibility. The great advantage of such workout is its versatility - regardless of age, height and physical fitness, you can choose the optimal training. That is why functional training equipment is very popular with gym visitors and becomes the main activity of athletes in a fitness club.

Another advantage of functional training sessions is the ability to carry out group workouts (maximum number of users is 15). This, in turn, optimizes the allocation of the gym equipment, which plays an important role in seasonality.

Interatletika Functional Equipment Range

We offer a reliable functional equipment where every detail has been carefully thought out. Each station presented on the website will fit in any gym. All stations are equipped with exercisers for training with own body weight. One station includes the following elements: wall bar, parallel bars, pull-up bar and monkey bar. Most CrossFit models include a punching bag holder, a dumbbell rack, and a medical ball stand.

Although the CrossFit equipment provides great opportunities for training, the price of the set is not as high as it may seem. Such station will be a great investment since it will not only encourage new people to do functional and cross-functional training, but it will also save space as most of the items will be in one place. Thuswise, you can use the free space more effectively, which in turn is the best solution for small rooms.

Why InterAtletika?

Every piece of functional training equipment in our range stands out not only with its attractive price, but also by its high level of reliability. The design of the station has been regularly tested, meeting the needs of the sports industry.

The cross-function equipment can be used by beginners as well as experienced athletes. Proper use of the station does not require special skills - with a minimum level of physical fitness you can effortlessly choose the right training program. That is why CrossFit equipment is very popular with gymnasts.

In addition to affordable CrossFit equipment, Interatletika offers its customers favourable delivery conditions. Regardless of your location - Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Lublin - we deliver on time any goods for you!.