Garden and park benches

Park bench is widely used equipment, it is efficient for recreation areas to organize the residents` comfort in parks. Moreover, many people puкchase park benches for their own needs, for private properties.This element fits perfectly into any landscape. It is best to install benches in the shade of trees or a house.

Park bench types

Park benches can be divided into three large groups depending on the material that is used for their production. Benches made entirely of wood have certain advantages: they are eco friendly, they fit in the landscape, have a small weight and are easy to assemble. However, there are also disadvantages: they need to be renovated and repainted, because the wood can be easily mechanically damaged. Concrete uniform benches are widespread since they are more durable and long-term in terms of maintaining its look. The disadvantage of these benches is that it's not comfortable to sit on.

Modular benches - are the most popular and the most optimal solution. They combine the durability of a metal base and the comfort of a wooden seat. To maintain its initial look, it is enough to paint the bench regularly. This way it will look like a new one.

Moreover, for children's playgrounds, we recommend multi-colored models that perfectly fit into the landscape and style of your dream playground.