Playgrounds "Fairytale forest"

Playgrounds "Fairytale forest"

Playgrounds of the Fairytale Forest Series

Important when choosing a playground

Location. When buying a children’s playground for a garden or backyard, make sure that it is located from the street as far as possible. The shadow is also a very important element in choosing a place to play. Place the playground next to the trees or provide a roof for the child to feel safe even on the hottest and the sunniest days.

Safe floor coating. Make sure that the surface complies with all modern safety standards. The floor covering must protect against injury if a child falls.

Functionality. The area of the playground should be designed not only so kids could run without obstacles. The InterAtletika manufacturer of playgrounds made sure that children will develop their imagination as well. That is why we equipped our playgrounds with sandboxes and various modules, such as a painting board, a house, a cooker or a workshop, where a child can develop his creativity and relax peacefully.