Product Guarantee

Product  Guarantee

The company "Inter Atletika" offers a full range of service support - guarantee, post-guarantee service. We will be able to remove troubles of any kind in the work of sport equipment, will help to extend the life of the equipment, apply preventive measures, repairs, tuning and adjustment, will help to return in working state any sports equipment, which have broken down.

"Inter Atletika" is a responsible approach to the resolution of any questions regarding service maintenance - we do our work with a guarantee of quality.

The solution of any tasks is handled by qualified personnel, the service workers use only certified and original parts to replace the failed elements. At their disposal, employees have specialized repair equipment, the entire repair process is carried out according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Our center performs both scheduled maintenance, tuning and adjustment work, as well as the most complex equipment overhaul.

Only with the support of highly qualified specialists, you can ensure your sports equipment uninterrupted and error-free work, and for your customers - a pleasant and safe workout.

Every client is important for us, whether it is a large fitness club or a private person. Our specialized customer service repairs any cardio equipment. We guarantee the quality of the replaced parts, as in our work we use only original spare parts and consumables. We have a guarantee on our repair.

Our customer service will allow you to extend the life of your equipment, avoid unforeseen repairs, ensure the high-quality and reliable operation of professional sports simulators!

To carry out guarantee service, you need:

  • Correctly, without errors and corrections, the completed warranty card, in which the model and serial number of the product, the date of sale and the printing of the trading organization should be indicated;
  • Confirmation document of purchase (waybill);
  • Full set of goods.

We also draw your attention to the fact that upon receipt and payment of the order, the buyer, in the presence of the courier, is obliged to check the equipment and appearance of the goods for physical defects (scratches, cracks, chips, etc.) and the complete equipment. After the departure of the courier, claims on these issues are not accepted!

Guarantee service is not available if:

  • Lost or incomplete warranty card;
  • This product has traces of mechanical damage or tampering;
  • Factory seals broken;
  • The conditions of operation, transportation or storage are violated;
  • Repair was carried out by persons who are not employees of an authorized service center;
  • Used non-original components.

You can find a detailed description of the terms of the guarantee in the documentation for the purchased product and / or on the website of the respective manufacturer.

 We draw your attention to the fact that Inter Atletika makes the exchange and return of goods only if:

  • the integrity of the package is not damaged;
  • no obvious traces of use;
  • preserved marketable condition;
  • the goods were not damaged by the buyer during operation.