Children's gymnastics equipment

Children's gymnastics equipment

Gymnastics Sets for Children

Children's gymnastics sets develops endurance, strength and health of your child. It is an essential, beneficial equipment which encourages kids to do sports. Besides, the fun with other fellows helps the children to meet others and make friends.

Elements of a gymnastic set

A gymnastic set includes large variety of elements. The basic elements of the kit are:

  • parallel bars
  • a pull-up bar
  • a wall bar
  • a rope ladder
  • gymnastics rings
  • climbing wall
  • cable
  • slide

The InterAtletika range of gymnastics sets includes devices that works perfectly in a small backyard and large playgrounds.

Requirements for fitness equipment

First of all, children’s equipment should be safe. The use of wooden parts best meet these requirements: the material is lightweight, durable, ecological, aesthetic and hygienic. High-end materials and reputation of the manufacturer are essential for the safety of kids. Also, gymnastics equipment should be versatile and practical.