Playhouses and cabines

Playhouses and cabines

Choosing children's playhouses

Playhouses, shade structures, cabines are a great addition to the playground in the kindergarten area. Bright and compact kid houses can be used as a stand-alone play facility or supplied with a sandbox. It is a perfect place for children to have fun with sand. Its unique design of different shapes and bright decorative panels With the design of the abacus and the different shapes, the decorative panels of this sandbox stimulates the development of imagination. Children's houses are equipped with comfortable benches, durable flooring and a roof that protects from the sun.

Playhouses and shade structures by Interatletika

Due to the age of the users, you need to pay special attention to the material. We offer wooden and plastic structures. High-quality plastic and ecological wood is the right choice. In addition, all components are designed to withstand operating for years without any repair. The InterAtletika playhouse is a beneficial solution for any playground. Variety of shapes and colours makes it possible to adapt it to the concept of the area.

Plywood is the main element we use, which is fireproof and weather resistant. All sharp edges are smoothed out. The side boards are made of waterproof plywood. Structural elements mounted on steel anchors.