Gym and Fitness

Gym and Fitness

Home and Gym Equipment: Types and Functions

Properly selected equipment - is essential part of any training. In order to be in a good shape, it is necessary to combine strength training with aerobics. These exercises improve muscle tone by targeting the group muscle of movement.

The following types of strength training can be distinguished: self-weight training and additional weight training. Weight training equipment (calisthenics) can be divided into the following categories:

  • wall bars;
  • parallel bars
  • pull-up bars
  • exercise benches.

Weight equipment includes:

  • workout machines
  • weights, dumbbells, barbells and other loads.

Burning fat and unnecessary calories requires strength training - the higher the exercise intensity, the more fat is burnt. Fitness equipment - the most effective way to look good! You can purchase a variety of fitness training equipment and professional exercise equipment. We have a wide range of high quality trainers for an affordable price, thus its a perfect solution for home use.

We offer only high end gym equipment!

Home gym is a great way to do a quality workout outside the actual gym. The InterAtletika exercise equipment allows you to train different muscle groups and to shape the body of your dreams.

In our online store you will find a huge selection of exercise machines that meet the latest demands of ergonomics and safety. Our wide range of power equipment has a 12-month warranty and has the following features:

  • wear resistance and safety;
  • functionality
  • even load distribution;
  • taking into account anatomical features of the user
  • Stylish design and ergonomics.