Pull up and parallel bars

Pull up and parallel bars

Pull up and parallel bars

Pull up bar

One of the most popular training equipment for home exercises is a pull up bar . By exercising on this equipment, you can get all the benefits with minimal effort.

How can you exercise on the pull up bar?

The pull up bars presented in our range are ideal for performing such exercises as pulls up with wide and narrow grip. Of course, such equipment cant replace workout on exercise machines, but it is an excellent tool for shaping a slim figure. Training on the bar involves the following muscle groups:
back muscles;
pectoral muscles.

Where can you install the bar?

Due to the special structure, the equipment can be easily attached with screws to the wall. Robust welded structure ensures safe training. We offer a wide selection of wall bars at an affordable price, which have a wide range of possibilities:
developing strength and endurance;
shaping the body;
correcting posture defects.

We deliver products to Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Lublin and other cities of Poland.

Parallel bars for training

The sports equipment market offers a product which combines the functions of the pull up bar and parallel bars. These are stationary parallel bars with a pull up, the structure can be attached to the floor or to the wall. With the equipment, you can train your back, hands and abdominal muscles on one product. Such exercise structures are gaining more and more popularity with those who care about their physical condition and want to develop their pectoral muscles, biceps and triceps. It is a simple device that provides comprehensive training at home and does not take up a lot of space. An easy assembly of the equipment to the wall allows you to choose the proper place for the structure.

Working out 15-20 minutes exercise on parallel bars every day, you can improve your muscle tonus and maintain your physical condition. A wide range of functionality at a low price.