Crossfit racks

Crossfit racks

Crossfit training racks

The base for functional frame is a metal structure made of a metal profile. Due to the use of perforated profiles, the structure is capable of additional elements such as bars, barbell holders and other gymnastic equipment. Crossbars and beams are elements that connect the structure, thuswise the equipment is light and easy assembly.

Functional training frames are used in strength training, mainly during group exercises. The frame is used to perform squat and lifting exercises.Due to special inlets, you can adjust the parameters of the strength equipment, adjusting the height of rods and barbell holders to your height. Horizontal bars have different handle diameters. Versatility is another advantage of CrossFit frames, thus the product does not take up too much space and fits in the interior of the area.

Training on the equipment includes exercises that involve different muscle groups with particular emphasis on the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back and legs. However, the design of the frame ensures total safety during intensive training.