Iron Gym equipment

Iron Gym equipment

Fitness accesories

If you are looking for multifunctional, reliable equipment for home use, the Iron Gym products are exactly what you need. Interesting design, simple structure and reasonable price are combined in it with the best materials and the most modern manufacturing technologies. The structure of Iron Gym equipment is developed by the most experienced engineers and is repeatedly tested. Steel base, polymer coating, the rubber of the best quality - all this guarantees user the highest level of safety.

Also, the Iron Gym equipment is famous because of its usability. It is easy in installation, intuitively understandable and really multifunctional.

Up to date, the brand has a big assortment of the home training equipment of the highest quality: pull-up and chin-up bars, barbells and benches, rollers, kettlebells, dips and it isn't near the whole list of Iron Gym products.

Nowadays the Iron Gym is one of the fastest developing sports brands - its products are presented in the whole world. The Atletika Nova company is an exclusive distributor of the Iron Gym equipment on the territory of Poland. It gives us an opportunity for providing our clients not only the best assortment but also the best prices.