ST series

ST series

ST Series

Have you always been dreaming to find an exercise machine which would combine all your favourite ones in one machine? Congratulations, now the workouts will be even more effective and comfortable. Only with a several functional machines, you can have your own gym.

The ST series of training exercisers are distinguished for their stylish look and functionality. Moreover, they stand out for their safety in use and financial availability.

Using the ST series exercise machine, you get an excellent unit of sports equipment that has a laconic, contemporary design and meets all modern safety requirements and training styles, moreover has a very high repairability.

A wide range of training machines with a load on various types of muscles and with any type of load.
The equipment can be operated 24 hours / day, 7 days / week.
You get a high quality exercise machine at a low price.

A wide range of people can use the equipment - from beginners to professional sportsmen, weight loss programs can be performed as well.
The trainer maintains the initial look for a long time (on condition of regular care).
Due to its size, this type of device takes up a lot of space and perfectly fits in a small gym or even a home one.