Wall bars

Wall bars

Wall bars

Today this kind of a sports equipment is one of the most popular in the world and well known by lots of names like wall bars, stall bars and even Swedish ladders. It's equally demanded by adults and kids and suits perfectly for home usage.

The most important benefit of stall bars is their multifunctionality because of which they provide to a user a whole complex of opportunities for physical development. They don't need much space and have a very simple structure, so there are no difficulties in a usage of this equipment. Also, Swedish ladders basically don't have any serious restrictions on height, weight and age of a user and it contains another huge benefit of this kind of a sports equipment.

With a stall bar, you can effectively train almost whole your body: abs, glutes, shoulders, arms, legs, back - there is no difference if you know the right technique. In general stall bars exercises are quite simple - the most important thing is to find out which exercise you need. On the website, you can find Swedish ladders of the best quality. They can be made of wood or metal and have included accessories like pull-up bars, ropes, P-bars and benches.


Wooden stall bars can be made of pine, beech or another wood. Every detail of the structure is carefully polished and varnished and it ascertains the high level of comfort, reliability and longevity of Swedish bars which you can find on this web page.

Ladders made of metal usually are sturdier and allow using of benches, barbells without any risks. These constructions are better for adults and serious training sessions in general. Metallic stall bars can contain chromed and rubber-coated elements (usually, crossbars) that increase their safety and durability.

Installation type

There can be three types of installation:

  • with U-shaped clinches;
  • with cross transom bracings;
  • mixed type.

Our consultant will help you to find out the most suitable variant with a great pleasure.

Structure type

Gymnastic wall bars that you can see in the assortment of Atletika Nova can have different structure types and it's very important to find out which one is the best for you.

U-shaped models give lots of opportunities for a functional extension with accessories using, but they need more free space. This type is perfect for playrooms with a lot of space.

L-shaped Swedish ladders usually include a pull-up bar or a high bar. They are better for adults who mostly want to train the upper body.

T-shaped wall bars have extra elements on the both sides from the ladder and give more opportunities for using accessories without the need to assemble them every time.

And finally I-shaped ladders. They have the simplest structure and the lowest price. So if you're looking for an entry model, this one would be perfect.