Playground equipment

Playground equipment

Playground equipment - for a healthy and fun time

With many years of experience in the sporting goods industry, our toys for children play a role model. We have become one of Europe's best gaming equipment providers. Today we are proud to say that our company offers the largest assortment of goods in this category. To ensure the full safety of children, whether the square is fenced or not, it is better to place them as far away from the roadway. Structures that create a street playground should ensure the safety of the child while promoting his or her physical and mental development and social adaptation. Our squares - not just sports kits, but whole towns where no one will be bored.

Play on the playground is conducive to the physical development of the child

<>p Playing in the yard is an important factor shaping the personality of the child. Kids develop their communication skills, they have new friends and they develop physically. Children do not like to stay in one place, the well-equipped playground will allow kids regardless of the season to spend time with other children and parents.

Every child has his preferences: someone likes to sit for hours in the sandbox, and someone can not take off from the slide. That is why we have created amazing play complexes that combine different attractions.

 Used raw materials

Wood. Wood is the safest and ecological material. The special lacquer coating protects the construction against wear for a long time. Our playgrounds are carefully checked to meet the safety standards to provide complete protection against scratches during play.

Metal. Metal is the most durable material, has properties such as resistance to weather conditions and thanks to a special coating is protected against corrosion. We offer a wide selection of metal constructions of different colors and shapes.

Combination of materials.We produce playgrounds using wood, metal and plastic. Metal structures allow you to equip your playground with tools for physical activity, while ecological plastic adds attraction.


Types of playgrounds

Children's playgrounds can be divided into the following categories:

Versatile: They consist of equipment for every age group: sandpit and stairs for toddlers, ropes, swings, wooden houses for middle age and stairs with stairs for the elderly.

Modular: These sets are divided into age zones, which promotes a more secure and comfortable stay in the appropriate age group. The wooden playground equipment is ecologically and aesthetically pleasing, and has many other advantages: it is friendly, has less weight (which makes it easier to transport) and provides a variety of colors and forms.

Our caring parents buy

The price of playground equipment from Intertatletiki will pleasantly surprise you. You will find interesting variants that are suitable for children of all ages. On our website you can see photos of all complexes in detail, which will help you to choose the most suitable and in line with your expectations. We provide you with timely delivery and we offer installation, installation and maintenance services, which will save you not only money, but also time.

Our product is certified and meets all European safety requirements. Interatletika is a direct manufacturer of playgrounds. Convenience, safety of materials and wide assortment - these are the distinguishing features of our playground equipment from others.