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Tables for massage and armwrestling

Tables for massage and armwrestling

A high-quality massage table - is a necessary attribute of any cosmetology office where manual therapy is practiced. The client's comfort and the efficiency of the session depend to a great extend on this equipment , which undoubtedly determines the level of popularity of the facility. Therefore, you have to pay maximum attention choosing such equipment.

The Interatletika website presents models of a stationary type, as well as their portative analogues, which allow not only to significantly save the free space when necessary, but also to expand the possibilities for the massage therapist. After all, having such equipment, you won't be limited by a particular room, serving clients on their territory or simply in home conditions.

Moreover, as well as massage tables, Interatletika manufactures armwrestling tables. We have armwrestling tables for sitting and standing position.