Children's carousels

For both young children and teenagers, the carousel will become one of the favourite toys and a great addition to the playground. Exercises for balance and coordination, strengthening the muscles of the legs and back - these are the main advantages of having fun on the carousel. In addition, some are suitable for several people simultaneously, what in turn allows children to socialize.

In our catalogue you can find several carousel models that work well in the backyard and playgrounds. The quality of the materials ensures weather resistance and mechanical damage. Additional safety grips are provided. InterAtletika offers carousels with seats and the ones with a standing position to develop mobility of older and younger children. Also, it develops a sense of balance. The structure is made of steel pipes with a thickness of over 2.5 mm, the surface of the disk made of waterproof laminated plywood with a thickness of 15 mm, seats made of waterproof plywood with a thickness of 10 mm. The equipment rotates on two bearings.

What is important when choosing a carousel for a playground?

The most common carousels are the cross-shape and the disc ones. The most important thing for all models is to ensure smooth rotation. Roundabouts can vary in a number of seats, four to eight, and also have benches instead of separate seats. Please pay attention to the following features when purchasing a carousel for a playground:

  • Safety - make sure the carousel is certified and meets all safety standards;
  • Eco-friendly materials. Keep in mind that children will be using the equipment, so it should not contain any toxic ingredients;
  • Construction strength and weather resistance;
  • The seat should be smooth without sharp parts;