Crossfit equipment

Crossfit equipment

What is CrossFit?

Crossfit training is a modern trend in the field of fitness. In fact, it is a training program for fans of extreme sports. The main emphasis is put on the development of strength and endurance using the body's adaptive abilities. Universality is the main advantage of this type of training, which in turn is the cause of its popularity. Crossfit has found its popularity not only with experienced athletes, but with newbies as well. Diversity and effectiveness of exercises are provided by special training programs and easy to use equipment.

Crossfit's goal is an overall physical development, which is why crossfit exercises combine aerobic elements and elements of strength exercises. Crossfit training involves every muscle part, an athlete can develop the muscles of the abdomen, legs, back and shoulders at the same time. Fit body, as well as increasing strength - all this can be achieved if you give crossfit a try.

CrossFit training stations

Crossfit stations are used in strength training and are a basic element of equipment for zones dedicated to crossfit training. It is a great solution for people who want to increase muscular fitness. The structure of the station is made of a solid profile, thus enables safe training The equipment is height-adjustable, a number of accessories can be adjusted. Training stations are equipped with various bars, bar holders and other attachments.

Advantages of training stations

  • Is a perfect solution for commercial use.
  • Easy assembly - attaches to the floor with screws.
  • A number of additional equipment can be attached, so you can diversify your workout.

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