Litter bins

Litter bins

Street litter bins

Keeping the area clean - is always an important issue for public places such as playgrounds, yards and park zones. To encourage visitors to throw trash in the litter bin, not to the ground, the trash bins must be in sufficient quantity and have an attractive design. Litter bins and extremely important on children's playgrounds, because toddlers are eager to take up everything from the ground.

Features of street litter bins

The structure of street litter bins veries. They can be with a cover or vice versa have an open-work structure and let the water go through.They can be rotating or steady state. Street and park litter bins are extremely simply to empty, making it easy to clean up around them.

For the production of street litter bins, materials such as metal and plastic are used. The material is a key feature for outdoor use. Plastic is resistant to corrosion, and the metal can be covered with a special protective layer making it resistant to weather conditions. For outdoor use, it is best to use big dumpsters as they are more durable and resistant to vandals.

Street litter bin maintenance

An essential thing in the maintenance of litter bins is emptying them. The most convenient option will be rotatable bins. For steady stay bins, the only solution is garbage bags. An additional advantage is the ashtray provided in the litter bin, because it stops the hot ash in the grid, thus prevents the flaming.