Wall bar accesories

Wall bar accesories

Gymnastic equipment for wall bars - types and use

Accessories for gymnastic wall bars - these are tools that increase the functionality of the wall bar. With this equipment you can spice up your training and engage different muscle groups. With such accessories, you can create a gym at home, where both parents and children can practice. It is a great opportunity not only to make your child happy, but also to help you take your first steps in sport. Regarding this equipment, the following categories can be distinguished:

  • gym bench - depending on the shape of the bench, particular muscle groups are involved; exercises on the bench allow to improve posture and increase endurance;
  • attachment for abs allows you to train lower and upper abdominal muscle groups;
  • attachable pull up bar - the most popular tool which you can practice the outer parts of the muscles of the widest back on. Due to the loops the equipment quickly attaches to the wall bar and is easy to disassemble;
  • pull up - parallel bars attachment significantly extend the functionality of the gymnastic wall bar, making it a proper training station;
  • for lovers of martial arts, you can hang the punch bag.

With wall bar accessories, you can effectively train and care of your physical condition without leaving your home. The purchase of a gymnastic wall bar and accessories allows you to organize your own exercise room.

A wall bar with an attached pull up bar is the perfect solution for a small room, since the equipment will provide an effective training not taking much space. For rooms and gyms with a small area, a wide range of attachments is offered, which are fixed between the floor and the ceiling without taking up too much space. A gymnastic wall bar equipped with a rope net will allow to vary the training and expand the training complex. The "I" shaped structure allows you to create your own gym at home by attaching various accessories available in our store. The Interatletika company is constantly working on expanding the production range.