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XR Series

XR Series

A multifunctional machine - is the combination of several trainers in only mechanism that works perfectly with all the elements together. It's just this construction that requires a little space: it is suitable for a tiny room, for your home as well as for a professional gym. This is a functional version that allows you to train a lot of muscle groups. In each model, the load is adjustable. In addition, this station allows you to independently determine the amount and strength of exercises.

The machines have such important features as longevity and stable structure. Withstands round-the-clock workouts and is capable of simultaneous training of several athletes.

The whole structure is designed taking into account the plan and the trainer's purpose, for the maximum comfort of a user.

X-line training machines - equipment based on high technologies. The production line is automated, designers team has taken over experience of practice in the USA. The X-line series stands out for style and functionality that suits all modern sports tendencies.

One of the main characteristics of the X - line trainers is that it has the best ratio between price and quality on the market. Thus its hard to find analogues on the modern market of professional equipment