Workout in Radom

Workout in Radom


InterAtletika MF 4.4 Multifittness Gym Training Station

The InterAtletika MF4.4 Workout equipment was installed in Radom under realization of the grant competition victory of FIO Mazowsze Lokalnie. Residents of the living area - adults and teenagers now can enjoy all the benefits of the multi-functional device for callisthenics. InterAtletika MF 4.4 Multifittness Gym includes everything you need for effective training with your own weight. Exercises on the gymnastics ladder develop motor coordination and prevent posture problems. The step platform will be helpful for those who want to build the leg muscles. Parallel bars with handles for push-ups enable training of upper muscle parts.

Depending on the height of the grip, you can train the greater pectoral muscle, the deltoid muscle or the triceps of the arm. Lifting legs on the parallel bars engages abdominal muscles in work. Pulls up on the bar is a great exercise for the muscles of the back.