Upright exercise bikes

Upright exercise bikes

Lets ride with health benefits.

For fast and high-quality burn of calories an upright exercise bike is recommended by a lot of modern trainers and coaches. Nowadays the exercise machine, which which looks like a bicycle is extremely popular. Thus, exercise bikes are booming these days.

What are the advantages of a new-fashioned trainer?

A perfect choice for those who want silent performance of the equipment and low electricity costs;

Imitation of a bike ride, thus brings calming effect and joy;

It is possible to optimise the height of the steering wheel and the position of the seat, thuswise ensuring the safety of the exercises.

The riding process itself can be made more complex, thuswise professional athletes will have the desired level of load.

Our website introduces models with different level of software. Thus, for example, for a gym you can choose a model that has several training programs, the number of which can be increased when connected to the Internet.

For those who appreciate minimalism, there is simple but essential equipment on our website: it shows perfect performance and does not require additional energy and space. Nevertheless for those who need more from training machines there is equipment with additional features, such as acoustic system, internet access or a USB port for connecting a phone and tablet.

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