Elliptical trainers

Elliptical trainers

An exerciser for comfortable and effective training

The elliptical trainer is currently considered one of the most effective exercise machines which is suitable for all body types. The number of positive factors affecting the body during the use of the elliptical trainer is very big: improvement of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, effective and safe weight loss, strengthening the physical condition etc. All this is only a small part of what this miracle innovation of technology can give.

The key factor that distinguishes this exerciser from others is the maximum reduction in the load on the joints, limbs and spine, which not only significantly increases comfort during exercise, but also ensures maximum safety during exercise.

The design of an elliptical trainer is such that even at the lowest price of the model, a simultaneous load of the maximum number of muscle groups is provided during the training, which results in a multiple increase in the effectiveness of the exercises.

The operation of the elliptical trainer is based on the principles of combining several types of loads. For example, the training requires simultaneous involvement of the same muscle groups as for running, cycling, skiing and even climbing.

In terms of effectiveness, elliptical trainers can successfully compete with a gym and surpass fitness in this respect. The use of such equipment allows you to effectively train the muscles of the legs, hands, buttocks, abdominal and back muscles, without any discomfort, as with the exercises on other types of equipment.

Quality guarantee, certified equipment

The entire production process is fully compliant with European safety standards. Choosing our production, you will receive not only certified equipment, but also a guarantee of the highest quality.

Functionality and reliability.

Among the models introduced on this page, you can find elliptical trainers with electro-magnetic resistance system, as well as cheaper, magnetic options. Depending on the software, this or another model has bigger or smaller functionality. In addition to various basic programs, all our models have several levels of resistance, which can be changed manually as well as automatically. Moreover, the equipment may have additional options.

For instance, a good quality elliptical trainer for home use, has such options as tracking the heart rate (with built-in sensors and wireless sensor located on the chest), distance, speed of movement, the number of burnt calories and other information that is necessary for effective exercises.

Most of our exercisers, apart from basic ones, also have other additional options. For example, an elliptical trainer can be equipped with an acoustic system that gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite music while exercising or access to the Internet, due to which the range of training programs is extended. The elliptical trainer price will depend on the options you have.

We deliver to any destination in Poland

The Inter Atletika company is proud not only of a large range of exercise equipment but also because we can deliver the order to any city or town in Poland. Regardless of the fact that the company's headquarters is located in Warsaw, the delivery of your order will be performed within the shortest deadlines. Wherever you are, in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Lublin or Wroclaw, you will get the equipment in a short and convenient time.