The most popular training device today

You can not imagine a gym without a high-end treadmill now, let alone the three most sold home appliances. There is no wonder, because, just the treadmill, they combine the attractive price, efficiency and reliability.
This type of device offers cardio training to help the body quickly get rid of problems such as muscle weakness, extra inches, shortness of breath, malfunction of the cardiovascular system.

Contrary to popular belief, treadmills for home use are not just slimming machines. This type of equipment, of course, when used correctly, is well dealing with this problem, but in addition to fighting with extra inches and kilograms it can bring more benefits. For example, regular workouts on this device are able, in record time, to normalize the respiratory and atrial systems (in this case the treadmills are unmatched).

This is a good way to keep your muscles and your whole body in good shape year-round, regardless of the weather and the seasons. This is the best choice for those who value active lifestyle and energetic people who always want to be in shape.
When it comes to using these types of equipment in professional gyms, they have become practically indispensable for such gyms. Treadmills are actively used in fitness and are well-behaved as a stand-alone component in training programs.

Guaranteed quality

Regardless of price, model or destination (for home or gym), all the treadmills presented on this page, distinguish the maximum reliability and European quality. All the devices shown on this website have the necessary certifications and are produced based on high world standards and current trends in the field of exercise equipment.

Treadmill production is based on the highest European standards of quality and safety. Each model represents the result of long and rigorous work on improving production technology, tracking the latest design trends, testing multiple devices for durability, efficiency and quality in full.

Inter ATletika offers you the best choice

Among the models presented on our website, you can find as mechanical and electric treadmills that allow you to get as much out of your workouts. The load system determines the training method on the device, the noise level during use, the effort level to get the best effect, and many other possibilities.
This or any other model can have as its faults and advantages. This applies in most cases to hardware functionality. At the price you can, at present, buy a treadmill that allows you, with a high degree of precision, to follow the frequency of myocardial contractures, burned calories, distance, exercise durability and other indicators.

Our models feature models with more or less extensive software. For example, for a gym, you can choose a model that has several training programs, which can be increased by connecting to the Internet.
For those who appreciate minimalism, on our site are presented devices without any unnecessary: ​​the equipment is perfect and does not need additional energy and space. But for those who require more than training equipment, there are additional capabilities such as an acoustic system, Internet access, or a USB port to charge your phone and tablet.

Best delivery

If you are not located in Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Lublin or Wroclaw, our equipment will be delivered in a short and convenient time for you.