Cardio exercise machines
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Cardio exercise machines

Cardio exercise machines

Treadmill is a perfect tool to burn extra pounds. Exercises such as running or walking increase the metabolic rate, which results in getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. So the treadmill is an efficient element of work on the perfect body of your dreams.

Regular training on the bicycle trainer promotes the development of leg muscles, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system and helps you to get rid of overweight.

Elliptical trainers . This type of device is especially recommended for those who want to get firm buttocks, slim thighs and calves. The elliptical trainer combines the advantages of other training equipment, which in turn allows you to effectively work on chest and back, thighs and buttocks, hands and legs.

Steppers. Step by step to a perfect body! Exercises on the stepper imitate the movements that resemble climbing stairs. As a result you will get a firmer and more elastic body, especially for the buttocks and thighs.